Offer: 10% - 20% discount depending on way of payment  

 You must pay up before taking the exam (Offer valid until 01/01/2013).  

Regular price

Each lesson costs ISK 9.980.-  

Please note: Each lesson is 45 minutes. If a lesson is longer or shorter it is calculated accordingly. If you take more lessons than indicated in the prices above, the price changes accordingly. The practical test takes 1 hour (1.33 lessons) and is always taken on the same car you used for learning with your driving instructor.

Price changes: If the price goes up during your learner’s permit period or during the instruction period (if it is long) the price of unpaid lessons may change accordingly.


Additional cost:

Driving school 1-2: 32,000.-  

Driving school 3: 38.000

Issue of driving licence (Commissioner of Police): 3,300.-

Examination fees (Frumherji hf.):

Theory test: ISK 3.100.-

Practical test: ISK  8.700.-

Total additional cost: 85,100.-