Increase your driving skills

Less cost

Less wear and tear

Less pollution

More safety

Saves time

I now also offer EcoDriving instruction, which is new in Iceland.

EcoDriving focuses on making drivers more conscious about their way of driving and thus contributing to their saving on vehicle operating costs, less pollution and more traffic safety. It has also been demonstrated that EcoDriving often saves time.

The EcoDriving course takes 3,5 lessons (2-3 hours) and takes place in the car. The car is fitted with the Econen fuel consumption meter which makes it possible to see how small changes in our way of driving can result in saving gas, increased speed, less maintenance cost, increased traffic safety and less exhaust emissions.

On average you can save 10-15% on fuel costs and a similar percentage on vehicle operating costs, such as maintenance and wear and tear of tires.

There are examples of considerably more savings.