Do you need to renew your provisional driving licence (the 2 or 3-year-licence)?

Currently everyone who wants to renew their provisional diriving licence needs to undergo a driving evaluation with a driving instructor who has the necessary qualifications for performing such an evaluation.

Driving Evaluation

Every person holding a provisional driving licence needs to undergo a driving evaluation before obtaining a full driving licence.

A driving evaluation is a check to see if a driver’s own evalution of his driving skills, driving habits and traffic safety is coherent with his actual abilities. The purpose of a driving evaluation is for the driver to know his abilities and skills in regard to traffic safety.

Driving evaluations are performed by driving instructors who have received the appropriate training and authorisation from the Road Traffic Directorate (Umferšarstofa).

A person holding a provisional driving licence can obtain a full dirivng licence after only one year if he or she has not received any points for traffic law violations and passes the driving evaluation.

In May 2002 the Parliament Alžingi approved amendments of the traffic legislation, including on driving evaluations, taking effect in the beginning of the year 2003.

On 7 January 2003 an amendment of the regulation on driving licences entered into force in order to elaborate the  practice of driving evaluations.]