Foreign driver’s licences

Valid driver’s licences, issued in other countries, can in some cases be turned in for an Icelandic driver’s licence without taking an driving test. For further information please contact the office of the Commissioner of Police, Borgartúni 7b, tel: 444 1400.

Taking a driving test in Iceland

The minimum age for legally driving a car in Iceland is 17. You must have had your domicile in Iceland for 6 months before obtaining the right to take a driving test. The driving test is split into two parts: the theory test the practical (and oral) test.

Learner’s Permit

You may start your driver’s training as early as the age of 16 if you are getting a learner’s permit. Then you start by taking a few driving lessons with a driving instructor until you’ve gained adequate control of the vehicle (usually 8-15 lessons). After the first driving lessons, or meanwhile, you must attend theory lessons at a driving school. After that you are allowed to drive with an adult driver, who has obtained approval from the Chief of Police to guide you. He or she must be at least 24 years old and must have held a valid driver’s licence for at least 5 years. The driver(s) who will be your guide during your learning period must first attend one driving lesson with you and the driving instructor before you get the learner’s permit. The purpose is to demonstrate your competence and skills and introduce to him or her the requirements made to pass a driving test. Then your guide takes over your instruction for the next few weeks or months. A learner’s permit can be for a short or long period of time. You can take driving lessons with a driving instructor during that period if you want to.

Driving school for foreigners

The driving school Ökuskólinn í Mjódd offers a 5-day-course  for foreigners, (Ö1 and Ö2) taught Monday through Friday from 18:00-22:00 pm. The course is usually offered in English once a month and in Thai every second month or when there is a sufficient number of students (at least 5). The lessons are in form of lectures, complemented by assignments and discussions. The price of the course is ISK 32.000.  

New and additional is school 3 and the price is ISK 33.400

  The Theory Test

  Contact me to order driving lessons and you will be given extra material to prepare for the theory test. You can take the theory test two months before your 17th birthday. When you finish the driving school you will be given an application form for a practical test. The form is already filled out for you so you only have to sign the first page of the application and answer a few questions and sign the second page. You deliver your application yourself to the Commissioner of Police (Lögreglustjóri) or County Magistrate (Sýslumađur), because you must also sign there. Your application must include a photo. If you use glasses or contact lenses or if you answered “yes” to some of the questions on the application form you also must include a medical certificate. If you answered one of the first three questions with a “yes” an eye examination at a Health Care Centre is usually sufficient. Approximately three days after submitting your application to the Chief of Police you can sign up for a theory test at Frumherji hf, telephone number: 570 9070. The theory tests are held at Frumherji hf, Hesthálsi 6-10, Reykjavík, once or twice per day during working days. If you don’t pass the test you can repeat it one week later. Exams for students who need an interpreter are upon further agreement.


Frumherji – Timetable for theory tests for a Class B Driving Licence








Theory test




Theory test



Theory test


Theory test



Theory test


Theory test


Theory test



Theory test


Theory test


The Practical (and Oral) Test

  During all this you continue taking driving lessons to prepare yourself for the practical test. I order the practical (and oral) test for you, which you will take on the car you took your driving lessons in. You may take the practical test one week before your 17th birthday.

Provisional Driving Licence– Full Driver’s Licence

When you pass the practical test you are given a provisional driver’s licence (however never before your 17th birthday). The provisional driving licence does not have a photo so you must use some sort of identity documents with it, for instance a debet card. A few days later the provisional driver’s licence is replaced by a driver’s licence valid for two years. After three years you need to pass a driving evaluation with a driving instructor in order to obtain a full driving licence. See driving evaluation.

Drive safely!